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   The fly problem

Flies are animals that live in man-made environments and are everywhere: in dairy farms, in pig sties, chicken coups, turkey farms,sheep pens etc..

PESTER THE ANIMALS TO DEATH SPREAD DISEASES (SALMONELLA, MASTITIS, SUINE PLAGUE, AFTA EPIZOTICA, BRUCELLOSIS, PRRS, ROTA VIRUS) CREATE STRESS RAPPRESENT A DANGER TO BOTH THE ENVIRONMENT AND MAN’S HEALTH CONSEQUENCES Lower profit due to loss in growth and production (milk, meat, eggs). Increased heart rate and respiratory frequency caused by sudden movements, bites, scratches and tail lashes in an attempt to find relief. Increased nutritional requirements needed because
of blood loss. Burden on the farmers, workers and neighbors in largely infested areas.

A fly’s life-cycle can span between 2 weeks and 2 months; it’s complete cycle can vary according to temperature:
45-51 days (16°C)
14-16 days (25°C)
8-10 days (35°C)
During its life span a female fly can lay up to 600/700 eggs.

Two flies that mate in the month of April can develop a population of more than 191 billion flies.
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